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Interlocking tiles making machine

Interlocking tiles making machine

Interlocking tiles making machines are used to manufacture paver block industrially, the machine carves concrete tiles out of the concrete material. The golden Engineers has established itself as a hefty manufacturer and supplier of the Interlocking tiles making machines in India.

The manufacturing of the machines mainly includes 4 stages. Stage one involves color pan mixer for top layer material mixing proceeded by setting up top layer material into plastic paver mould in a vibrating table.


Thirdly, there is missing of concrete raw materials using concrete mixer machine and finally, a vibrating table is used for setting and remove the air from concrete material in plastic or rubber is mould to give it high quality strength and finishing. This cede the machines manufactured m40 strength.

Golden Engineers has a pioneer in the manufacturing of Interlocking Tiles making Machines for more than 3 decades. The products we manufacture are highly reliable and known for their performances. Our tiles making machines are ISO 9001:2015 quality certified and they even put it over International axioms.

Salient Features:-

  • User friendly: Golden Engineers Interlocking tiles making machines are not just advance in working but also user friendly in application.
  • Efficiency: innovated and manufactured under our own R&D unit the machines are high in efficiency.
  • Innovative technology: Modern design and advanced manufacturing make our machines trouble-free operation and low noise.
  • Economical: Our Interlocking tiles making machines are very economical for electricity consumption.
  • Maintenance free: the use of high grade raw material and the robust design of the machines make them practically maintenance free.
  • Effective packaging: we use high quality plastic packaging along with the facility of customized packaging according to the customer preferences.


  • Our Interlocking tiles making machines have the very high production capacity of 6000/shift to meet the demand of the booming industries.
  • The machines are available in the model GE/ITMM/5000
  • It has the energy consumption of 14 HP (3 phase) which makes it powerful as well as energy efficient
  • It has the Dimension of 10×2.5×2.5 feet
  • Golden Engineers Interlocking tiles making machines are quality assured and the 1-year warranty even under exertive conditions.

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